Friday, November 21, 2008

More of Our California Trip...

This was at one of the Circus Circus shows. I loved their faces!
Bathtime at Uncle Slade & Aunt Sara's house! This is one healthy baby! Haha.
Maeli & Sadie at Grandma & Grandpa Great's house. We stayed at their house the whole time we were down. The kids must have thought we moved there or something!
Kaydence & Maeli had a lot of late nights together! This is a really sweet it should be...Slade posed Kaydence, she actually fell asleep about 2-3 feet away from Maeli, but we needed a good shot!
Maryn, Kaydence, Charles, Maeli & Kenny. We were waiting for the Bug's Life movie. 

Our Trip to California...

This was our trip to Balboa. We walked around a bit...then took a stroll down the pier & ate lunch at Rubies. Then we let the kids play on the beach for a while before heading up to Dana Point. It was a fun day for us.
Yes! We got to go to Disneyland & California Adventure, thanks to my cousin's sweet little girlfriend, Leola. My sister, Jamie & her family, my brother, Slade & his family went with us. My cousin, Tiffany & her cute little girls hung out with us for a while too. Later on in the day, my Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Dick, cousin Linda & her cute little grandbaby, Kenzie, met up with us & we all went on a bunch of rides together. There were a whole lot of people we knew at Disneyland that day & we had a blast. Kenny is big enough to go on most of the rides now & he wanted to go on all of the rides with his cousin, Charles. They're so cute together. Kenny feels like such a big kid when he's with Charles! Maeli went on the Matterhorn. I probably spelled that wrong, but oh well. When she came off the ride she was biting her fingers, while saying, "Monster!" Haha. We were there from open to close & Kenny wanted to keep going. Thanks Leola!
One day, we met up with my Step-mom & little sister, Deidre, at Downtown Disney. They took us to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe & then we walked around for a while & people-watched. Deidre was so cute & funny. I can't believe how much she's grown makes me feel really old! 
My mom & Step-dad, Chad, came down to Orange County to see us while we were in town. They treated us to a bonfire at the beach. It's become an annual tradition. It was a lot of fun. Kenny was loving the water & Maeli was loving the sand. It was fun to see my kids play with their cousins who they rarely get to see. There is a definate resemblance there. I wish they got to see each other more often.
This was on our way down to California. Ken's sister, Julie & her family were in Vegas for the week & invited us to stay with them on our way down. It was a lot of fun. We took all of our wild children to Circus Circus & they had a blast! Amber & Kenny held hands everywhere we went & Courtney helped keep an eye on Maeli. Katie was loving holding Sadie too. It was nice to have a little help. The next morning, before we left, we walked around & went to the M&M Factory. It was a really fun stop for us.