Friday, November 21, 2008

More of Our California Trip...

This was at one of the Circus Circus shows. I loved their faces!
Bathtime at Uncle Slade & Aunt Sara's house! This is one healthy baby! Haha.
Maeli & Sadie at Grandma & Grandpa Great's house. We stayed at their house the whole time we were down. The kids must have thought we moved there or something!
Kaydence & Maeli had a lot of late nights together! This is a really sweet it should be...Slade posed Kaydence, she actually fell asleep about 2-3 feet away from Maeli, but we needed a good shot!
Maryn, Kaydence, Charles, Maeli & Kenny. We were waiting for the Bug's Life movie. 


The Greathouse Family said...

Beth, I love all of the pictures you posted! Of course, Sadie's bath pic is my favortite!!

We had such a wonderful time with you visiting. I really do cherish the moments we get to see each other. I love my nieces and nephew so much! Their personalities are so cute and entertaining! LOL! They do so many funny things! I wish that our kids could spend lots of time together. Thank you and Ken so much for spending some of your vacation with us. I'm glad we live somewhere where you guys like to vacation. It made me feel like I got a little vacation, too! You are my wonderful sister and I love you more than I could ever say. You are so beautiful in every way.

Darice said...

Such fun pictures- it looks like you guys had a blast on your trip! Wish I could see you soon!

marebear said...

i love the little munchkin in her bath! OREO'S are delicious. no worries on us moving we can't sell the house we can't move. so i think you're stuck with us for a while. plus i can't leave my beth! Ken will still have to deal with us eating oreo's together!

marebear said...

okay girly get on top of it! we (meaning all your blog fans) want more updates and pictures. i thought i was behind. get off facebook and come on already and show us your cute little ones. love ya thanks for your support during the pregnancy.